Masco Crane & Hoist is a proud strategic partner and distributor of Kito Products and Components. Masco currently has a wide range of the Kito products to meet your company’s needs and requirements.

Masco currently supplies many different styles, voltages, and capacities of Kito hoists and trolleys, along with other quality components that Kito offers.

The difference in Kito products is they are engineered to be smaller, lighter, stronger, and are trusted in extreme conditions.

Kito is proven to stand up over long periods of time to keep you in production.

Kito has earned a reputation for delivering a superior product with greater performance and value.

Kito Products Available:

  • Electric Chain Hoists and Trolleys
  • Air / Pneumatic Hoists and Trolleys
  • Theatre & Entertainment Hoists / Food Grade Hoists
  • Hazardous Environment Hoists and Trolleys
  • Manual Hoist and Trolleys
  • Universal Beam Clamps
  • Shackles
  • Spreader Bars and Lifting Beams
  • Kito Parts and Components


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