Masco Crane Inspections & Preventative Maintenance Programs

Masco Crane & Hoist specializes in crane inspections and provides our customers with a preventative maintenance program that is tailored to our customer’s needs and facility requirements.

The scheduled inspections will determine whether your crane usage has caused any safety concerns, addresses crane fatigue, wear, corrosion and other damages and deficiencies.

The inspection and preventative maintenance plan Masco offers ensures operating reliability of the crane by defining the maintenance status of the equipment.

Preventative Crane Maintenance is the cost-effective, time saving and intelligent alternative to reactive repairs.

As well as reducing the likelihood of a breakdown, preventative crane maintenance will keep your cranes in top condition, ensuring they work more efficiently, extending their life and minimizing the risk of expensive downtime.

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Masco Crane & Hoist Inspection Highlights:

• Masco will design an inspection and preventative maintenance program to monitor your lifting equipment and facility requirements.
• Masco inspectors pinpoint safety and compliance issues and monitor critical items that result in equipment failure and costly downtime.
• Masco’s inspection program follows the most recent provincial and federal legislations and requirements (OH&S Part 6 & CSA B167-08).
• Masco will help maintain and update your crane Log Book.
• Masco technicians are knowledgeable, qualified and experienced in crane inspections and service.
• Masco will help determine the inspection interval your cranes should be on in accordance with OH&S and CSA (Annual/Semi-Annual/Quarterly/Special Class).

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